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It means that when the transfer hits the expiry date, it gets deleted from our servers. Deleted, foetsjie, gone with the wind. Gone really means scrubbed completely from our servers.

We promise senders a certain period of availability when they use our service, and we need to keep our promise and delete the transfers after that period. Besides keeping a promise, we also need the server room, for new uploads.

You were probably hoping we have a hidden stash of expired files somewhere to retrieve those valuable files. Bear in mind, with a Plus account, you can set the expiry date of your transfers to stay active for as little or however long you like.

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Want your transfer to never expire? Say no more, WeTransfer Plus will allow you to do just that! Submit a request Back to WeTransfer. Due to maintenance, our platform will be unavailable on Sunday 9th of July from 2AM CET for an estimated period of 6 hours. Please read this article for more information. Gregory Updated July 18, Was this article helpful?

However, there are typically no direct consumer costs beyond the purchase of the initial software, provided the consumer already has a computer with the photos at home on a high speed connection. Один пилот погиб при падении вертолета, а другой по-прежнему находится в руках повстанцев. Using an always-on server like Windows Home Server which acts as an intermediate point, it is possible to share images peer-to-peer with the reliability and security of a central server.

Access to military bases and some police cachots is still being denied. Basic image sharing functionality can be found in applications that allow you to email photos, for example by dragging and dropping them into pre-designed templates. Другие словари Немецкий Китайский Немецкий — Китайский Датский Немецкий Датский — Немецкий Немецкий Испанский Немецкий — Испанский Немецкий Итальянский Немецкий — Итальянский Немецкий Голландский Немецкий — Голландский Немецкий Польский Немецкий — Польский Немецкий Португальский Немецкий — Португальский Немецкий Шведский Немецкий — Шведский Немецкий Турецкий Немецкий — Турецкий Немецкий Французский Немецкий — Французский Испанский Французский Испанский — Французский Испанский Португальский Испанский — Португальский Итальянский Французский Итальянский — Французский Испанский Итальянский Испанский — Итальянский Итальянский Румынский Итальянский — Румынский.